Making African Designs Part of Your Wardrobe

African prints are popular on runways but are also wearable in many situations. If you like African inspired fashion or want to show off your heritage, here are some ways to incorporate these styles into your wardrobe.

African Skirts

 Wraparound skirts are traditionally worn in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Bold colors, patterns, and eyelet designs may represent elements of African style. These skirts are the perfect summer wear and stand out beautifully when paired with simple sandals and a tank top.

Iros are a type of rectangular African garment that wraps around the waist and stays in place, whether worn as part of a skirt or as an embellishment to any look. Depending on the style, an iro can serve roughly the same purpose as a chunky belt and be worn at work.


Those who want to add a little color or flair to their outfits but are not that confident wearing bold patterns and bright hues can still add excitement to casual or dressy looks by using the right accessories. Wazzala bracelets and Maasai bangles, for instance, offer varying degrees of color, and range from slim to chunky bands. If you want to make a statement with your jewelry pieces, you can’t go wrong with these tribal or wooden necklaces.

If you find African inspired clothing that you love, it is possible to make it a part of your wardrobe. Fun and vibrant African fashion can help you look and feel great.


Shopping Independent for African Print Dresses

African print dresses are known for their bold and unique colors and patterns. Scouring department stores for the types of African print dresses that you want isn’t always easy, however. Fortunately, plenty of independent designers focus solely on producing these dresses and offer plenty of benefits to boot.


 When you shop independent, you have a broader selection of one-of-a-kind pieces to consider. If a particular designer or label doesn’t offer what you want, you can make a special request and see whether you can agree on a custom design for you alone.

Better Quality

Some people argue that independent designers offer products of better quality. Many independent designers utilize creativity and care because they are usually creating something that they are passionate about. For instance, an independent designer who has an African heritage will be more likely to take more pride in his or her work and, as a result, will use premium fabrics and cuts to create better quality garments.

Reduce Environmental Impacts

Another benefit to supporting independent designers is that they tend not to use mass production methods that contribute to environmental waste. Independent designers are more likely to hand craft each product, putting more emotion and dedication into each stitch than mass producers are likely to do.

The Common Elements of African Dresses

When you think of African dresses for sale, images of traditional African clothes with bold patterns and prints get conjured up. While this may fall under the category of African fashion, there are also other elements that mark the bright and vibrant African style.

Mixed Prints

While traditionally mixing prints in fashion is a “no-no,” there are ways in African fashion that it can actually look tasteful when combined. In fact, “mixed prints” in African fashion is one of the key elements that sets it apart from the others.


African fashion is also known for its fun silhouettes. Many African dresses for sale feature shapely silhouettes that don’t necessarily show much skin, but still add and enhance a woman’s femininity and overall appeal.

Colorful Accessories

There are many pieces of African clothing that are sleek and subtle in design, and when paired with a colorful African accessory, take the outfit to a whole new level. African purses, scarves, and belts are all ideal accessories for adding pops of color to an otherwise monotone outfit.

Prints and Solids

Pairing prints and solids together is just as much an element of African fashion as most others. Bright African prints pair well with solids, and you’ll oftentimes see solids and prints incorporated together on the African runways.

Ruffles and Wraps

Ruffles and wraps are also surprising elements in African fashion. Ruffles along the edges of blouses and African dresses for sale that wrap around the body are extremely popular.

What to Look for When Buying African Clothing

African clothing is often designed with beautiful colors, some of which represent something for the person wearing the clothing. This and other details are some of the things to keep in mind when searching for African fashion.

When you begin your search, you need to determine why you want to wear the clothes. It could be because of your belief, or the culture of the area. Some people will purchase African clothing because of the way it feels in certain kinds of weather, typically when it’s hot outside. African clothing often makes use of light materials from natural fibers. Not only do these materials give the beautiful colors and patterns that you see, they are also very durable. One of the common materials that you will see when it comes to African clothing is a combination of silk and cotton.

Many of the clothing items are wraps. These are worn by women around the waist, often paired with a blouse of the same color or design. Men and women often wear wraps on the head as well. Some will wear a sash that crosses the shoulder while others will wear a shawl. The shawl is sometimes reserved for special occasions or when going to a funeral.

While there are some pieces that you can find in clothing stores, if you want something that is of the African region, it’s best to shop from a provider specializes in selling this fashion.


Fun New Ways to Wear African Maxi Skirts

As a strong and stylish woman who is interested in African-inspired fashion, you want to wear clothing that fits your body type and feels comfortable. Maxi skirts provide everything you need. These loose and flowing skirts are perfect for wearing all year long, and they provide you with the coverage that you crave. If you’re unsure how to wear these new designs, take a look at some fun new ways to wear African printed maxi skirts.
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How to Accessorize for African Print Dresses

African prints are timeless when it comes to style but there’s no denying that they are best worn during the summer months. African print dresses are exceedingly popular nowadays with some of Hollywood’s hottest wearing them. You can get in on this hot trend too but no outfit would be complete without some amazing accessories to go along with it. Here’s how you can accessorize for your African print dress:

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